Our Work

Live Event Space & Festival Lighting

We collaborate with architects, art directors and producers to create spaces that are a pleasure to be in. We light festivals and parties - chill out areas, playful spaces and stages, and have experience working with campaigning organisations to help them communicate with the public.

Sets and Theatrical Lighting Design

We provide an artistic eye and technical expertise to light sets in traditional settings, and more excitingly the recent pop-up phenomenon. From bars and restaurants to fully automated immersive theatre, we have designed solutions for all manner of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent installations - frequently in unusual, challenging and stunning locations.


Playful & Interactive Installations

Games can be excellent communication tools, and also lots of fun! We create interactive installations that explore how people interact with technology in order to tell a story, communicate ideas, and to engage an audience.

Product Design

We are constantly developing new technologies where off-the-shelf products do not fit our vision. Working with engineers, programmers and cabinet makers we spend our quieter weeks turning these ideas into consumer products.