Inter-Dimensional Dining: Gingerline

Update: The video above shows the final instalment on this immersive dining adventure, Chambers 4.

Chambers of Flavour just got spicier!

Gingerline are an amazing bunch of food and drink enthusiasts, whose goal is to create unforgettable immersive theatre dining experiences. We love working with these guys because they’re not afraid to make each experience more adventurous and creative than the last, taking people on flavour adventures to unique, wondrous places.

This time around, we were taking visitors through a range of ‘chambers’, a series of small rooms for which the designers had big visions! This meant we had to come up with lots of custom kit – our speciality – that needed to combine automated sequences with interactive features.

Gingerline Chambers of Flavour Matter of Taste

Into the Chambers

Audience members descended through time and space to the Gingerline universe in a machine that we cunningly lit to give the impression of plunging deep into the earth.

Gingerline Chambers of Flavour

The machine moved first into the ‘A Matter of Taste’ 1970s gameshow set full of interactive features, before moving into the Lost Room, where the machine started to ‘malfunction’. We kept dark and moody as the audience worked out how to start the machine back up again, transitioning to warmer lighting as the scene progressed.

We rounded out the event with fairy lights hooked up to bicycles, flashing brighter as the audience peddled faster – keeping the audience fully immersed and creating their own experience, right to the very end.


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