Benji Bailes and Dan Light have been curating spellbinding experiences through light, sound, and interactive technology for over 20 years.

As a creative technology company we create bespoke lighting installations, multisensory immersive experiences that encourage audience participation and find innovative ways to link the digital and analogue world. We collaborate with designers of immersive experiences, artists, space makers and storytellers. We take wild ideas and turn them into a reality!

How we got here

Benji and Dan are accomplished lighting designers who initially came together with new ideas to light immersive theatre experiences. Benji has worked across the lighting industry, with wide ranging experience from television shows to concerts. Dan’s engineering background has meant years spent repairing and inventing things. He makes lighting fixtures to fit a concept where off-the-shelf solutions do not exist.

Why us?

We have a planet-first design ethos and the skills that allow that ethos to enhance rather than compromise design. We explore new ways to shift audiences into participants and we’re never afraid to invent new technologies to achieve our objectives. Finally, we have a real desire to work closely with artists and designers to accomplish a shared vision.