Fire in the Mountain Festival: Fire in the Mountain

Folk Festival Fun

Fire in the Mountain is an awesome little folk festival in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains. It’s a really natural and secluded spot, and there’s no phone signal anywhere, some people have even reported seeing fairies. We’ve done some work with them before, but when they asked us to light the whole festival, we practically sprouted wings.

They needed lighting for the stages and bars, but also all the connecting areas in between. Fire in the Mountain wanted the whole festival to become one big joined up installation. They also needed the design to adhere with the their values – to be natural, not obviously lit and environmentally friendly. And fun. Really, really fun.

Lighting the fire

With help from the brilliant Harriet Wallis, we created a design that let festival goers stay undistracted by technology and lose themselves in nature. We created paths of light between the areas of the festival, encouraging people to explore. We kept the space natural and dark, but light enough for people to to find their way.

The timber framed main stage had to accommodate bands and a crowd below it, so we created an atmospheric lighting rig for that. At the main stage bar we lit one of the festival’s installations. Harriet had built some ‘swallow lanterns’ out of willow, which surrounded the bar area. We ran a fluttering chase pattern across these to bring Harriet’s beautiful designs to life.

Leading down to the ‘Dingly Dell’, the chai tea and relaxation area, we made the trees a lighting feature in their own right. We lit the trunks and branches of the trees in contrasting colours, really drawing attention to the beauty of the surroundings.


In line with Fire in the Mountain’s environmental focus, we also kept the power draw of the lighting as low as possible. This meant that all lighting could be powered by solar energy.

A festival of light

We love working at Fire in the Mountain. It’s like a little holiday away from society. People were able to lose themselves in the festival and their surroundings, without technology taking them out of it. Our discreet designs helped keep the environment as the focus. And our stage and installation lighting highlighted all the amazing stuff the organisers put on. We’re absolutely buzzing to go back next year.

For the last few years Bailes and Light have taken on doing all the site, stage and artistic lighting for Fire in the Mountain – a 2000 cap festival. They continue to amaze and surprise – producing beautiful lighting arrangements, far from just functional. They are true artists!

Joe Buirski, Fire in the Mountain


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