My Epic Room Makeover: Little Dot Studios

Let’s party, without going out!

In ‘My Epic Room Makeover’, Little Dot Studios needed to transform living rooms into immersive party spaces for Channel 4. Think of having the best party of your life, without leaving your sofa. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Our pals at Darling and Edge would be designing the sets, but they needed lighting to make them as fun and immersive as possible. Each room would have its own specific and outlandish theme, with different requirements. But they would all need to be cool and convincing enough to keep the party people entertained and immersed. Little Dot Studios needed us to build lighting designs to make sure that it was functional, cool and original all at once.

Starry Starry Knights

The first space we lit was a spaceship/Bollywood interior for a ‘Big Bollywood Space Party’. In the middle of the room we built a Star Trek style ‘warp core’, using pixel strips and smoke effects. These created a fluid blue and white effect inside the warp core. At the request of the designer, we also included spinning lights (which did actually make it more fun).

Surrounding the warp core, we put floodlights with a lenticular filter. These shone from behind the ‘crate lights’ in the walls of the set, spreading the light out and creating interesting textures across the room. To create the spaceship’s control panel, we used lots more pixel strips, and ran effects across them to bring them to life.

For ‘Making a Knight of It’ we needed to light a medieval crazy golf course in the middle of a wood (in someone’s living room!). We thought hard about how to really transform the space into a forest on a bright summer’s day. Eventually, we decided to install lots of small spotlights at ceiling level and shine them down through camouflage netting. This created the dappled, woodland effect we wanted. We also used a rich white light to simulate the warm glow of sunlight.

The set comprised of creatures forming a crazy golf course. We attached candle string lights to them for initial impact when entering the room, but they also added a touch of the medieval.

The transformation is complete!

As you can see from the videos, both the Bollywood Space Partiers and the Knights of Putt had an amazing time in the immersive party spaces we helped create. We adapted to the unconventional spaces with lighting ideas and applications to complement and enhance the designers’ work. It was wonderful to get to collaborate with talented people to produce something that both fulfilled Little Dot’s brief and gave families a fun, immersive experience. We love working closely with people who think differently, and seeing the results brought to life.

If you’re thinking of bringing your own flash of brilliance to an unusual event, or want to produce something totally new, give us a call.