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Very special effects

Smart lighting fixes for TV and film shoots

We design and build lighting for anything you might want to put on camera. Whether you’re after a basic rig, or something a little more niche – we’ve got the skills and experience to make your shoot brilliant. Our background is in studio lighting as freelancers, so we understand how sensitive cameras can be. But we’ve built on this knowledge with our immersive lighting design techniques. This enables us to manipulate practical lighting on set to get effects often only seen in post-production.

  • Inventive, innovative lighting effects to make your shoot sparkle.

  • Genuinely creative approach to solving problems on set, and sharing knowledge and perspective.

  • A wealth of experience in studio lighting design, direction and operation to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Artistic problem-solving

We have the creative perspective to give advice and suggestions on changes that could best serve your project. We’re used to adapting lighting to fit any scenario. But we also custom build new products to create special effect lighting you won’t get anywhere else. Like the array we built for production studio Weekend for their alternative Christmas ad.

Using strips of pixel tape, we created our own medium resolution video screen. This allowed us to cast light onto the set to give the impression of a moving Coke truck, without it appearing on screen. We think any TV or film scenario is an opportunity to get creative. Whether that’s in bringing your ideas to life or overcoming a practical hurdle.

I gave them a very ambitious brief and they responded magnificently. Even when they had to react to new problems changes in direction they worked seamlessly with the gaffer and his lighting team. When it comes to creative lighting solutions, I haven’t met anyone more capable or inventive than Bailes and Light and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. 

Jake Churchill, It Drew Itself


Epic Room Bollywood Space set lighting 4

Effect lighting for Little Dot Studios’ ‘My Epic Room Makeover

Smooth shooting

In our time in TV we’ve gained experience in driving lighting consoles and media servers, as well as conventional studio lighting. We have almost ten years of experience working in studios for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and Endemol. That has involved a full spectrum of jobs. From installing scenic lighting in light entertainment sets using custom designed LED hardware. To mapping sports studios with multiple projectors and layers of LED pixel tape. With varied experience and a broad skill set, we can give you the support needed to make your shoot go off without a hitch.


Bailes and Light are totally awesome! They designed and programmed all the practical lighting for our Greenpeace Christmas Campaign. They are a supremely creative duo, full of ideas, full of enthusiasm and genuinely working at the cutting edge of what’s possible with programmable lighting effects. Their attitude of ‘imagine first, work out how to make it possible second’ yielded some fantastic results and without them the final film would not have been nearly as successful.

Joe Churchill, Creative Director, Weekend



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