OSCHII for Escape Games

February 23, 2022 OSCHII

OSCHII is a purpose-built interactive which helps us provide fully adaptable aspects of an immersive game experience.

Can a group of tech novices make creative games that bridge the digital and physical worlds? Watch to find out!

two participants playing at OSCHII labs

Bailes + Light has been hard at work creating interactive technology that allows people from all walks of life to realise their imagination. But what magic might flow when a group of artists and creatives are set free with OSCHII to experiment and play? We bring you OSCHII labs.

wires before oschii

OSCHII is an integrated technology built to focus on artistry and immersive experiences without the headache of hacking together complex networks of devices.

oschii brain

OSCHII helps artists and creatives use technology to create interactive art and connect with audiences by removing technological barriers to innovation.

Introducing OSCHII

February 22, 2021 OSCHII
hand holding oschii

OSCHII is an easy and affordable technology that lets artists and creatives build interactive, multisensory audience engagement into their creative projects.