Multisensory VR

Can you feel it?

Multisensory stimuli to create a sensational virtual world.

Virtual reality is an exciting new industry. But it’s no longer limited to the visual element of the experience. Multisensory features are a new way to immerse an audience in a virtual world. Fortunately, we’re used to building custom electronics and integrating them with computer software. That makes us well placed to help you make next level multisensory VR. We can design and install the kit you need to give standard VR an upgrade, or to create an entirely new experience.

  • Capable of designing and building custom hardware to generate multisensory effects.

  • Experienced in integrating hardware and effects with software to run along with VR.

  • Able to adapt and invent new products in a changing industry, keeping your VR as good as it can be.

feelies VR headsetfeelies VR pod heat and wind

Good feelings

The Feelies wanted to make their project Munduruku into a fully fledged multisensory VR experience. They came to us for extra sensory elements of heat and wind. We custom built a system of adapted lamps and fans to blast heat and air at participants. Then we programmed data collected by The Feelies into a narrative throughout Munduruku. Together with The Feelies, we helped to create a thoroughly immersive experience, unlike any VR experience we had ever seen, or felt before.

Michael Eavis at Glastonbury

The cutting edge

Multisensory VR is changing fast as it races to catch up with standard VR. The technology surrounding it is changing too, so multisensory VR might not be accessible for some. Luckily, we pride ourselves on our experimentation and inventiveness with technology. The effects we’ve built for multisensory VR did not exist before we developed them. But have the know-how to build products that make advanced multisensory VR achievable.

We are really excited to explore the limits of what sensory VR can be, and to help clients’ achieve their vision as the industry develops.

Bailes and Light are not only great at what they already do, but open to new challenges and were fantastic to work with. They designed a bespoke system quickly and easily, which not only did the job, but was technically robust and within our modest budget. They were with me every step of the way installing the system in Brazil, the US and Argentina. To top it all, they’re lovely guys and a pleasure to collaborate with. I look forward to working with them again.

Grace Boyle, Director, The Feelies

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