The Pound Bar & Kitchen

Canterbury has seen closures of late-night venues in recent years, but one idea that has charmed town planners into giving it a late license is the restoration of One Pound Lane. The Pound Bar & Kitchen, part of a complex comprising of the Old City Jail and the largest surviving city gate in England, opened it’s doors in late 2014 as part of a three year plan that has already re-opened the city museum to the public. Skilled works carried out on site have ensured minimal impact on the listed building, of which some parts are hundreds of years old. Visitors can again enjoy excellent views across the city, learn a little more about it’s history, then digest the experiences over a cold beer in the former police jail cells.

The Oculux team was on site to install the specialist lighting systems, and to integrate these with the vintage house lighting, neon signs, and audio system. Each aspect of the installation was planned to ensure that it was in keeping with previous works on site and all fixtures carefully mounted to respect the age and protected status of the buildings.

The leaseholders required a control system to automate much of the technology on site, including lighting and sound state changes throughout the day. A simple to operate control system was installed and programmed to allow staff to tweak looks and sound based on day to day events – from company meetings to live music.

With so much energy spent on bringing out the original features such as medieval stonework and Victorian glass bricks, it was crucial the these were lit in such a way to be both respected and to inform visitors of the buildings rich history. We created lighting accents throughout to achieve this and additionally installed rich bottle displays and LED lighting to highlight new features such as the copper tiling. Outside the buildings we installed exterior architectural light fixtures to enhance the buildings visibility.